First Annual Report of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly released today

19 February 2018 – Throughout 2017, global politics was roiled with turmoil once again, and emerging challenges reared their heads, greatly affecting the citizens of Europe and North America.

As the Transatlantic Alliance faces up to these challenges, members of parliament from NATO countries must understand the different roles that NATO plays and be better prepared to fulfil their national responsibilities. Parliamentarians vote on defence budgets, share the responsibility of sending soldiers into harm’s way and must be accountable to their citizens for these decisions.

This first Annual Report of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly highlights, through concrete examples, how the Assembly has helped its member think through and deal with the urgencies of today and the troubles of tomorrow.

“[O]ur work helps make NATO and NATO policies more transparent for our citizens, and this annual report will further enhance our Assembly’s own transparency”, writes Paolo Alli, President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. “My hope is that this report will help our citizens better understand the value of our work and the contribution our Assembly and NATO make to our security today and tomorrow”.

In particular, the 2017 Annual Report focuses on the Assemblies activities that dealt with these topics:

  • Russia’s Destabilising Global Activism
  • Instability in NATO’s Southern Neighbourhood
  • NATO Adaptation
  • The Transatlantic Bond, Burden sharing and New US Priorities for NATO
  • Expanding the Assembly’s Network of Partners
  • Technological Risks and Opportunities
  • Climate Change and Security
  • The High North
  • The Western Balkans
  • Afghanistan
  • Strengthening Women’s Role in Peace and Security
  • Communication and Education about NATO
Download the report here.