EU and NATO parliamentarians support close EU-NATO partnership

05 June 2018

Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly - NATO Parliamentary Assembly


5 June 2018 - Members of the European Parliament and some 20 MPs from 14 countries of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) held a Joint High-Level Event entitled “Countering new threats together - a new era of EU-NATO cooperation” in the EP on 4-5 June.  The main objectives of the inter-parliamentary meeting were to strengthen the parliamentary dimension of EU-NATO cooperation and to provide input of parliamentarians to the forthcoming NATO Summit in Brussels (11-12 July), where also a new EU-NATO Joint Declaration is planned to be signed. The event was opened by EP Vice-President Ioan Mircea Pascu and co-hosted by Eva Kaili, the Chair of the EP Delegation to the NATO PA, and Paolo Alli, the President of the NATO PA. 

In discussion with EEAS Deputy Secretary-General Pedro Serrano, NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller and the Director-General of the NATO International Military Staff, Lieutenant General Jan Broeks, Members commented and raised questions on a variety of subjects including the security challenges posed by Russia, the EU’s “strategic autonomy”, EU-NATO interoperability, military mobility, burden-sharing, hybrid threats and cyber defence, or the implications of Brexit. Members praised the strengthened cooperation between the EU and NATO, expecting the upcoming NATO summit to further advance the strategic partnership of both organisations.

On 5 June, the parliamentarians also paid a joint visit to the EU Military Planning and Conduct Capability to learn about the new EU command and control structure at the military-strategic level, the three non-executive EU military missions coordinated by the MPCC and, overall, about EU-NATO military cooperation. 

Eva Kaili said: “New strategic challenges are emerging and they require international cooperation to face them. The cooperation between the EU and NATO is a powerful instrument to protect our citizens against any security threats - parliamentarians from both the EP and the NATO PA make their contribution in this regard.”

“NATO and the EU are natural security partners”, added Paolo Alli. “We have 22 members in common and share many of the same values, which underpin the common bond of our member states, and many of the same strategic interests. (…) Stronger and more effective NATO-EU is an essential part of both organization’s adaptation efforts today.”

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