Political party: CDV
Country: Belgium
Chamber: House of Representatives
Address: c/o M. Luc Peetermans Secrétariat des commissions Chambre des Représentants BE-1008 BRUXELLES
At the Assembly since: 2015
Committee(s) and Sub-Committee(s): STC
Official website: Click Here


Roel Deseyn (born in Kortrijk, Belgium; °14/10/1976, married, 4 children) has been a member of the Belgian Parliament since 2002 for the Flemish Christian-Democratic Party (CD&V). His educational background is to be situated in different academic fields: romance languages (Master), Media Sciences (Master) and Law (Master in Laws, LLM). In the parliament he has special interest for tax systems, telecommunications and public infrastructure. In the private sector he has experience in public sector consultancy and actually as a lawyer (Bar of West-Flanders, Belgium). Mr. Deseyn has a brand international experience in different parliamentary assemblies: IPU, NATO-PA, Council of Europe, OSCE. In the Council of Europe he introduced with success a resolution on Decent Work which has been approved in the plenary session. Hobbies: reading, music

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