Former Research Assistant's Testimonials

“At the NATO PA, researchers get out what they put in. The nature of the work allowed me to hone my policy writing skills and the PA’s broad research portfolio gave me exposure to themes in international relations that I might have otherwise never studied. During my tenure, I have had the privilege to work in an enriching environment with colleagues who care about each other, and live with a diverse group of people who I learn from every day.” - Joseph Sadek (United States), 2017 Research Assistant

"Being a Research Assistant at the PA was the perfect first job right after graduation. As RA's we got to really dive deep into the research and take responsibility for our work, while gaining invaluable insight into matters of transatlantic security and defence, and the role of NATO in Europe." - Sophia Besch (Germany), Fall 2014 Research Assistant

"The NATO PA Research Assistant Programme is an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge on different issues that are happening in the world. Perhaps, one of the best parts of the programme is that you get to travel abroad to attend a plenary session, where you can meet members of parliament in person. An additional bonus is a positive working atmosphere and great accommodations." - Kamilla Solieva (Tajikistan), Spring 2016 Research Assistant

"One of the best traineeships in Brussels for recent graduates aspiring towards a career in international security" - Timo Smit (Netherlands), Fall 2014 Research Assistant

“The NATO PA allowed me to better understand the internal workings of a Brussels-based institution, while at the same time giving me a chance to meet some great people.” - Delina Goxho (Albania/Italy), Spring 2016 Research Assistant

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