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Paolo Alli has been a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies for the New Centre Right Party (NCD) since March 2013. He serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee, the European Union Policies Committee and the Joint Committee on the Implementation of Fiscal Federalism.

Mr Alli joined the NATO Parliamentary Assembly immediately following his election to the Italian parliament in 2013. He is Vice-Chair of the Italian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Within the Assembly, Mr Alli is a member of both the Political Committee (PC) and the Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group (GSM), and has served as Rapporteur of the Sub-Committee on NATO Partnerships and Vice-Chairman of the GSM. He was elected President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly at the Assembly’s Annual Session in Istanbul in November 2016, after having served for two years as one of the Assembly’s five Vice-Presidents.

Mr Alli has a background in business and engineering. He graduated in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico of Milano, and from 1976 to 1999 worked as a manager in several Italian multi-national companies operating in the energy and environment sectors.

He started his political experience at local level in 1993, when he was elected member of the Municipal Council of the town of Legnano, and re-elected in 1997, serving as Deputy Mayor of the town until 2000.

From 2000 to 2013, Mr Alli held several positions within the Regional Government of Lombardy, serving successively as: Director General for Public Utilities and Environment; Director General for Research, Innovation and New Economy; Central Director for External and International Relations and Communication of the Presidency; Head of Staff of the Governor; and Undersecretary to the Governor.

He was also a member of the Advisory Council for Hydrogen established by the European Commission, and member of the Board of APAT, the National Agency for Environmental Protection from 2007 to 2008.

Mr Alli was involved in the organization of the World Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015 as member of the Board of EXPO 2015 SpA, a public company established for the organization and management of the event, and later as Deputy Commissioner General.



26 May 2017 - NATO PA President: Caucasus stability crucial for the Allianc ...

Tbilisi, 26 May 2017 – The President of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly Paolo Alli insisted Friday that stability in the Caucasus and around the Black Sea is inextricably linked to Western security. He cautioned Russia not to further increase tensions in the region and reaffirmed support for the aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine to move closer to the West.

25 May 2017 - NATO PA President attends NATO Heads of State and Government ...

Brussels, 25 May 2017 - NATO Parliamentary Assembly President Paolo Alli will be representing the Assembly at the Special Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government in Brussels today. He will participate with Allied leaders in the handover ceremony of the Alliance’s new Headquarters.

23 May 2017 - NATO PA President condemns Manchester suicide attack

Brussels/Rome, 23 May 2017 – “Last night’s horrific and cowardly suicide terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena deliberately targeting mostly young concert-goers is a sickening crime.

24 April 2017 - NATO PA President shocked and saddened at death of OSCE mon ...

Brussels/Rome, 24 April 2017 – NATO Parliamentary Assembly President Paolo Alli (Italy) expressed his sadness and outrage following reports of the death of a member of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (OSCE SMM) killed on duty in the explosion of a landmine in non-government controlled territory in Eastern Ukraine.

7 April 2017 - NATO PA President Paolo Alli calls for fresh efforts to solv ...

Brussels, 7 April 2017 - “The action by the United States against the Shyrat Airfield was a response to the appalling use of chemical agents by the Syrian regime”, said NATO Parliamentary Assembly President, Paolo Alli.

7 April 2017 - NATO PA President stresses solidarity with Ukraine in visit ...

Kyiv/Brussels, 7 April 2017 – President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Paolo Alli (Italy) concluded a high-level visit to Ukraine this Thursday in which he emphasized Allied parliamentarians’ resolute support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and continued readiness to assist Ukraine with its comprehensive reform effort.

5 April 2017 - NATO PA President condemns appalling use of chemical agents ...

Brussels, 5 April 2017 - I am appalled by the use of chemical agents in Idlib in Syria, and it is a source of grave concern that this follows several previous reports of the use of chemical weapons.

23 March 2017 - NATO PA President Hon. Paolo Alli condemns London terrorist ...

Speaking at an Assembly Seminar in Sarajevo, President Paolo Alli strongly condemned yesterday’s terrorist attack in London. “This attack will not strengthen the terrorists’ misguided cause. On the contrary. It will strengthen our resolve to work together to defeat terrorism. Many of our nations have been victims of dreadful acts of terrorism. None of them will yield to it.

22 February 2017 - NATO PA President and US Delegation meet with US Vice Pr ...

Brussels, 22 February 2017 - On the margins of the Assembly’s Annual meetings in Brussels and of US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Brussels, Mr Pence, NATO PA President Paolo Alli and members of the US delegation discussed the importance of the Parliamentary dimension of the transatlantic relationship.

1 February 2017 - NATO PA President condemns latest intensification of vio ...

Brussels/Rome, 1 February 2017 – Following reports of heavy shelling around the Eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Paolo Alli, called for an urgent de-escalation of violence and respect of ceasefire agreements.

1 January 2017 - NATO PA President Expresses Outrage at New Year’s Terroris ...

Brussels/Rome, 1 January 2017 – “The New Year began with a vicious terrorist atrocity in Istanbul. The attack on innocent people celebrating New Year at the Reina nightclub contrasts sharply with the international community’s efforts to bring peace to a troubled region. While the civilized world does all it can to avoid civilian casualties, international terrorists seem to revel in inflicting pain and suffering indiscriminately”, said Mr Paolo Alli, President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.