NATO Parliamentary Assembly


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The Assembly meets twice a year in Session - a Spring Session and an Annual Session in Autumn.

At the Spring Session, each of the five committees holds a one-day meeting to consider reports and to meet with government officials and policy experts. On the last day, the Assembly holds a plenary sitting to conduct Assembly business, debate key issues and hear from key national and international leaders.

During the Autumn Session, Reports are adopted, taken note of, or rejected by the Committees. Only those reports which are adopted subsequently appear as official Assembly Reports after the Session. At the Annual Session, the Committees also prepare Policy Recommendations which are then put before the one-day plenary sitting for consideration, amendment and adoption. Once adopted they represent the formal position of the Assembly.

These Policy Recommendations are not binding, but are widely distributed to governments and parliaments of member and associate member nations. NATO's Secretary General provides a written reaction to each of the Policy Recommendations.

The Plenary Sitting at the Autumn Session is usually addressed by the Assembly's President, a senior representative of the government of the host nation, and NATO's Secretary General.

At the Plenary Sitting elections take place for Assembly officers. The President and five Vice-Presidents are elected for one-year terms and can be re-elected once. The Treasurer is elected for a two-year term and can be re-elected twice.

 2017 Spring Session - Tbilisi
 2016 Annual Session - Istanbul
 2016 Spring Session - Tirana
 2015 Annual Session - Stavanger
 2015 Spring Session - Budapest
 2014 Annual Session - The Hague
 2014 Spring Session - Vilnius
 2013 Annual Session - Dubrovnik
 2013 Spring Session - Luxembourg
 2012 Annual Session - Prague
 2012 Spring Session - Tallinn
 1983-2017 - SESSION HOSTS