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11 May 2016

European Leadership Network article "Georgia and NATO: Perpetual Threshol" by Tedo Japaridze (Georgia)


BOOK - The Ice Age - Bailing out the Welfare State in the Era of Austerity by Diego Lopez Garrido, London Publishing Partnership

15 September 2014

NATO’s Wales Consensus – a view from the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

26 May 2014

Senator Scilipoti, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, expresses condolences for the loss of Italian journalist Rochelli

14 May 2014

House of Commons, exchange between Mr Bayley and Mr Hague on Ukraine

24 February 2014

House of Commons, Statement, Ukraine, Syria and Iran - Mr William Hague

20 February 2014

Bloodshed adds to civil war fears in Ukraine. Article by Hugh Bayley, published by the Yorkshire Post

28 July 2013

Au mali le temps presse - Le | 25.07.2013 à 14h36 | Par Hugh Bayley (parlementaire britannique) et Nicole Ameline (députée à lÂ'Assemblée nationale française)

13 May 2013

Une délégation de l'AP-OTAN chez le Premier ministre Diango Cissoko - Portail officiel du gouvernement de la République du Mali

26 October 2010

NATO, Nuclear Weapons and the New Strategic Concept by Simon Lunn and Zachary Selden, | World Politics Review 

Summer 2004 

Article published in The National Interest

29 June 2004 

Article published in the Financial Times

28 June 2004

NATO’s Door Is Open to Macedonia By Doug Bereuter

28 June 2004

 NATO’s Door Is Open to Croatia By Doug Bereuter

28 June 2004

NATO’s Door Is Open to Albania By Doug Bereuter

28 May 2004 

NATO Parliamentary Assembly Welcomes New Members in Bratislav ...

22 May 2004

'The Door to the West is Open' by Hon Doug Bereuter

8 March 2004

 Editorial by NATO PA President Doug Bereuter in Defense News ...

December 2003

Article in The Washington Quarterly by Doug Bereuter and Jo ...

November 2003

Editorial in Defense News by Rep. Doug Bereuter

6 August 2003

 Editorial by Rep. Doug Bereuter in the Norwegian newspaper ...

30 July 2003

Editorial by Rep. Doug Bereuter in The Hill

24 June 2003

Editorial by Doug Bereuter in the Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal ...

18 June, 2003

 Bereuter briefs U.S. House of Representatives group.

16 June 2003 

Editorial by Rep. Doug Bereuter in Defense News

17-23 April 2003

Editorial by Doug Bereuter in European Voice

24 February 2003

Editorial by Doug Bereuter and Pierre Lellouche

13 February 2003

2003 in the Omaha World-Herald

May 1999

The OSCE Verification Mission to Kosovo December 1998 - March 1999