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Washington D.C. , 5-6 December 2011
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From 5-6 December, NATO parliamentarians representing 22 countries gathered in Washington for the 11th annual Parliamentary Transatlantic Forum. The Forum was organized with the Institute for National Strategic Studies of the National Defense University (NDU) and the Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS). Vice Admiral Rondeau, the President of NDU and John Tanner, a Board Member of the Atlantic Council and former President of the NATO PA, welcomed the delegates, spoke briefly about the role of their respective institutions and stressed the important role inter-parliamentary dialogue plays in strengthening the foundations of the Alliance.  NATO PA President Karl Lamers thanked NDU and ACUS for their support and the delegates for their presence at the meeting.   He suggested that with the Alliance gearing up for the Chicago Summit, it was essential for parliamentarians to focus on the issues that were likely to be addressed there. The forum, he said, provides a very good opportunity for such an exchange.  The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate a dialogue with senior Obama Administration officials, policy experts and Washington-based journalists and to help members deepen their understanding of U.S. strategic priorities and the ways that American domestic politics are shaping that country’s international vision.  The meeting was conducted under Chatham House rules.



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