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STCTTS Visit to Italy, 3-7 October 2016

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Mission Report [035 STCTTS 17 E]

As the Alliance faces increased instability in the Euro-Atlantic area and beyond, maintaining advanced defence and security science and technology (S&T) remains vital for the Alliance. This was the main takeaway from a five-day mission to Italy by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s (PA) Sub‑Committee on Technology Trends and Security (STCTTS).
From the 3rd to the 7th of October 2016, a delegation of 20 members of parliament from 10 NATO member states visited Northwest Italy and gained a 360° picture of Italian, NATO and EU efforts to push S&T progress across all military domains and the security sector. The delegation was led by the Chair of the Sub-Committee, Jan Arild Ellingsen (Norway), and the members were hosted by the Italian delegation to the NATO PA under its head of delegation, Andrea Manciulli.
Emerging technologies that could disrupt the future military balance were a subject of great attention throughout the visit. Members saw that the Italian industry, academia and government were making great strides to maintain Italy’s – and thus NATO’s – technological edge by developing new technologies as well as addressing their challenges and risks. In the future, military operations will become even more diverse, and the financial pressures on defence budgets remain a key limitation.