NATO Parliamentary Assembly


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The Committee reports and policy recommendations are the Assembly's main policy documents, representing members' views on the key issues on the Alliance's agenda. 

The NATO PA International Secretariat prepares written records of the Assembly's meetings - Committee meetings during sessions, Committee and Sub-Committee fact-finding visits, and seminars.

All these documents are publicly available here. If you have a more specific request regarding a document, please contact us at



Latest Documents

PCNP visit to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, 13-17 March 2017
Mission Report [096 PCNP 17 E]
93rd Rose-Roth Seminar - Pristina, 22-24 October 2016
Seminar report [034 SEM 17 F]
DSC Visit to Washington DC 20-23 January 2017
Mission Report [044 DSC 17 E]
16th Parliamentary Transatlantic Forum Report, Washington D.C. 5-6 December 2016
Report [043 FOR 17 E]
STCTTS Visit to Italy, 3-7 October 2016
Mission Report [035 STCTTS 17 E]
DSC visit to London, United Kingdom, 13-14 September 2016
Mission Report [037 DSC 17 E]
Visit to Oman, 26-28 September 2016
030 JOINT 17 E - Mission report
NATO PA President condemns latest intensification of violence in Eastern Ukraine
Brussels/Rome, 1 February 2017 – Following reports of heavy shelling around the ...
Joint ESCTD/DSCTC visit to Ottawa, Canada, Bath and Boston, United States - 26-30 September 2016
Mission report [235 JOINT 16 E]
CDS visit to Cairo, Egypt - 26-28 September 2016
Mission report [242 CDS 16 E]